Charity Site Created As My Gift To The Children of Liberia So As To Help
Stop Illiteracy There

Stop illiteracy?!?

Isn't it wonderful that you can read this webpage? Isn't it wonderful that you can read at all? Since your reading ability is such a blessing, wouldn't it make you feel good to know you are doing something to help those in third world countries do the same?

Born in Kakata, Liberia in West Africa, I am now an American citizen living in Texas who learned how to read in Liberia. However, because of years of wars, the education system has been destroyed. As a result, many people in my homeland cannot read. My own elderly Mother cannot read.

Hello, my name is Juanita C. Walker, and I want you to join forces with me to help stop illiteracy in general, and stop illiteracy in Liberia in particular.


Just read this made up testimonial which symbolizes the desires of those who want an education but, who cannot get one.

Dear Juanita,

Like your Mother, once upon a time, I could not read, either. But, thanks to my growing up in Walkerville, the campus village you & your friends created for children who wanted to learn how to read, not only can I read, but, I have done something constructive with my life.

Thank you and your online friends, your partners, first, for building such a grand library, and second, for building the small learning community of Walkerville. Thank you for having the dream of creating a college town community which starts teaching children as early as when they are toddlers and continues to adulthood. We can truly say that you helped produce, proud, productive citizens.

Not wishing to take any more of your time I will leave you to your good work, now.

However, before I go, I want you to know that my name is Juanita, too, and I wanted you to realize that your hard work in educating masses of youth in your homeland has borne much fruit.

Even though the letter is not real, she states the true goal I am after. I want every child in my birth country, who wants to, to have the chance to improve their lot in life. I do not wish for them to remain illiterate. And, I think you want to do something meaningful, yourself. So, together, the both of us can do just that.

Walkerville does not exist... Yet! Right now, it is just overgrown trees, thorns, thistles, bushes, shrubs, weeds, sticks, twigs, and rocks galore on my family's former Walker Rubber Plantation. But, open your eyes and you will see Walkerville. Building that campus of Walkerville is my way of helping to free Liberia's children from illiteracy.

One day, I would like to do a Google search on illiteracy and discover that my website was so spectacular in reversing the illiteracy problem in Liberia, that Walkerville will be prominently displayed in the top position of Google's search engine results page.

Meanwhile, the best I can do is do a pretend search - in this case, a Bro. Landis search engine search - on African towns which will stop illiteracy in the future.

And, here are those results which were put together by my co-founder, Bro. Landis of Prairie View Bible Students in Prairie View, Texas. If I could have, I would have blushed when I first saw how he depicted me in the description box - so, kindly smile as you view this:

In case you missed it, the last words the choir sang were...

"To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love"

I cannot help free Liberia's children from illiteracy alone, you cannot stop illiteracy alone - however, the job will get done by the can't lose team of...

WE - You, me and, most of all, HE

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