Walkerville Humbly Starts Small

Even though "Project Walkerville" seems very ambitious - and it is - nevertheless, we will indeed start small, with the help of an already existing cookie-cutter type library creation system for African nations, called Libraries Across Africa . Their wonderful program is explained very nicely in the following four minute video:

And if all goes well, our starter library will be placed in the middle of the future Walkerville, which at the moment, looks like this...

Walkerville Barren Landi

Originally broadcast on Sunday, May 23, 2010, the TV newsmagazine 60 Minutes presented a segment on a successful program called the SEED School, which is similar to what Walkerville wishes to accomplish. To give you an idea of what the ambitious "Project Walkerville" wants to achieve, please see that 13 1/2 minute SEED School episode presented here...

And, something Walkerville, and many other educational institutions, is considering is a marvelous new method of teaching a wide range of subjects, which hopefully will include reading someday, which was described in a story 60 Minutes re-broadcast on Sunday, March 11, 2012. This 13 1/2 minute story is about reverse teaching, of sorts, with homework being done at school and school work being done at home. The effective concept began by accident by giving ten minute bite sized video tutorials, and has expanded, globally, and is so far offered free online, which asks the question, "Khan Academy: The future of education?"

Normally, the video would pop up the instant you click on it, however, 60 Minutes blocked that feature, so, in order to see the video, you have go directly to YouTube, by clicking a second time... this time, on the black screen, itself, when it appears.

Since ours is an ambitious project, we intended to start small, as the title to this page suggests. However, we may be able to start big, if all goes well. For, you see, on Mother's Day, May 13, 2012 the TV newsmagazine, 60 Minutes, aired an episode showing how one entity creates charter schools all over the world, including Africa, but mostly in the United States. What got our attention was the fact that some of these schools are very nearby - they are located in the nearest big city, Houston - to where we work in Prairie View, Texas.

And, after viewing the program, we thought that this may be an avenue we can pursue to help give "Project Walkerville" a head start.

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