Beware of Alleged Corrupt
Non-Profit Charity Organizations

Broadcast originally on Sunday, April 17, 2011, the TV newsmagazine 60 Minutes presented a segment about the founder of a very successful charity that builds schools to educate young girls overseas, a concept somewhat similar to, and along the same lines as, Walkerville. However, according to the report, the very good works the founder is doing may be cancelled out due to alleged lies, deceit, and possible fraud.

We, therefore present this to show you that you should do your due diligence in giving to any organization, including ours, to make sure you are not giving to a possible corrupt non-profit charity.

Normally, the video would pop up the instant you click on it, however, 60 Minutes blocked that feature, so, in order to see the video, you have go directly to YouTube, by clicking a second time... this time, on the black screen, itself, when it appears.

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